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How to Sign up for a website, for your association…

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2) We will contact you within 48 hours with any questions

3) We will send you login information, steps on how to add an event and create/edit a post

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(Q.) Is my website public?

A. Yes it is.  Be careful of what you put up there as anyone can see it.

(Q.) Who can edit my website?

A. AZCOPS Website Staff can help and edit your website.  Currently we are only opening this opportunity up to the leadership of your association.  All changes and edits will have a main person responsible for them.  Reason for this is; we can hold people accountable for inappropriate information being posted, and to keep clear lines of communication all the way through your association to the public.

(Q.) How do I request access to add my local events to the shared AZCOPS Calendar?

A. Please click HERE to gain access to the shared calendar.  FYI – you will have to be verified before granting access to the AZCOPS website and its resources.

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