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PSPRS board votes to lower Tier 1 employee contributions


The Arizona Supreme Court issued its mandate in the Hall v. EORP lawsuit for the Superior Court to begin implementing the remedies afforded by the ruling and it has been determined by the Board of Trustees that those remedies will also apply to the Parker lawsuit. Therefore, effective immediately by Board action this afternoon, the employee contribution rates for all ... Read More »

Supreme Court sends Hall lawsuit to trial court

Supreme Court sends Hall lawsuit to trial court

ARIZONA – The Arizona Supreme Court today declined to address a motion for reconsideration of the Hall v. Elected Officials Retirement Plan filed by attorneys for EORP and the state of Arizona. The motion was filed in response to the court’s November ruling that several 2011 pension reforms were unconstitutional. The decision remands the lawsuit to the trial court level ... Read More »

Arizona city police to carry and use opioid blocker

KINGMAN, Ariz. — Kingman police officers will now carry and administer a drug that can partially or completely reverse a heroin and opioid overdose. The Kingman Daily Miner reported Tuesday that Kingman Police Department officers and more than 60 staff members are trained and certified to administer Naloxone. Police say they’ve used it three times since October. Deputy Chief Rusty ... Read More »

ASU officers’ patches to support sexual assault survivors


TEMPE, AZ (AP) – Arizona State University police officers will wear their support for sexual assault survivors on their uniforms’ sleeves for the next month. The ASU Police Department says its officers during April will wear special teal-colored “ASU Police” patches on their uniforms. The special patch is the same as the regular patch except for the teal coloring that ... Read More »

Will Trump Reverse Obama’s Push For Greater Police Oversight?


Under President Barack Obama, the Justice Department used its oversight authority to push for fundamental changes in the way local law-enforcement agencies interact with the communities they serve. Now under President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the federal government seems poised to pull back on that kind of enforcement — pleasing police officers but worrying activists. Obama’s Justice Department ... Read More »

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