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Phoenix budget battle: Body cameras or more police?


Phoenix’s proposed budget includes $11.4 million to equip every patrol officer in the Police Department with a body-worn camera to track interactions with the public, from routine traffic stops to homicide investigations. But would that money be better spent hiring more officers or giving officers better pay and benefits? Or should the city try to balance all three demands at once? That’s a debate among city ... Read More »

Police no longer locking out homeschoolers


Becoming a cop has now been made easier for homeschool graduates looking to join their local police force in Arizona. Before new policy changes were made and adopted by the board that oversees the standards for police training in the Grand Canyon State, pursuing a career in law enforcement was made much more difficult for homeschoolers than their peers who ... Read More »

Gov’s office: Strike force getting results


PHOENIX — In September, Gov. Doug Ducey rolled out his solution to criminal activity at the Arizona-Mexico border – a solution he dubbed the Arizona Border Strike Force Bureau. Using assets already in place at the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the law enforcement unit has already seized 21 pounds of heroin, the equivalent of nearly one million individual hits ... Read More »

Arizona Senator: Require New Fire, Police Hires To Work 25 Years Before Full Pension Benefits


The head of the Arizona Senate Finance Committee will unveil plans this week to keep one of the state’s key pension funds from going broke. The proposal by Sen. Debbie Lesko would require newly hired police and firefighters to work for 25 years before they’re entitled to a full pension. Currently, members of either group can get pensions equal to ... Read More »

Voters To Decide On Pension Plan


A plan to overhaul the state’s costly, overstressed pension system for public safety workers may end up on the ballot in May alongside a plan to settle an inflation lawsuit involving the state’s schools. Negotiators have reportedly largely agreed on the terms of a pension plan overhaul, in the face of soaring costs and shortfalls. Currently, police officers and firefighters ... Read More »

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