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PSPRS Pension Reform


GET READY FOR PENSION REFORM IN 2017  In the New Year, PSPRS, employers and local boards must prepare for several changes due to 2016 pension reforms. The most immediate of changes impact current employees who were hired on or after Jan. 1, 2012 (Tier 2 employees). The most sweeping of changes includes the creation of a new and third public ... Read More »

Study: Body cameras improve relationship between Phoenix-area police, community


TEMPE – Police wearing body cameras can promote a good relationship between the community and police, including members of the public saying police officers treated them with respect, early results of an ongoing Arizona State University study show. “Nearly 90 percent of the citizens strongly agreed the officers treated them with respect, treated them fairly, they were honest, they listened, ... Read More »

Sahuarita Police Department first in AZ to use drones to fight crime


SAHUARITA, AZ (Tucson News Now) – The first law enforcement agency in the state of Arizona is now using drones to help them fight crime and assist with investigations. “I’m looking at 360 degrees around them – in case someone tries to come over and ambush them,” Officer Raul Mata with the Sahuarita Police Department said. The Sahuarita Police Department showed ... Read More »

Firearms and the mentally ill: How one state’s alert system helps cops stay safe


As the investigation continues from last week’s tragedy at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, officials have indicated that the suspect was suffering from mental illness. Several reports and stories have surfaced about the gaps in the justice system, with one question being how an individual with a mental illness purchases a firearm from a federal firearm licensee. In order for an ... Read More »

Criminals’ possessions benefit local police


PRESCOTT — Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher routinely tells people that the YCSO helicopter, Rescue-1, is operated at no cost to the taxpayers. He can legitimately say that because the expenses to maintain the helicopter, fuel it, and pay for a pilot’s time all come from RICO funds. In 1970, then-President Richard Nixon signed into law the Racketeer Influenced and ... Read More »

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