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Arizona lawmakers want to tighten rules for law enforcement on asset seizures

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The Arizona Senate has moved forward a bill that would reform the state’s controversial policies on civil-asset forfeiture, increasing the reporting requirements for spending and requiring a higher standard of proof before police can seize property. HB 2477 was passed unanimously by the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday afternoon. It has passed the Arizona House of Representatives and will need a final vote ... Read More »

All rape kits must be tested in ‘timely manner’ under new AZ law


PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – All rape kits must be tested “in a timely manner” thanks to a new law just signed by Gov. Doug Ducey. The new measure ensures that Arizona’s law enforcement agencies will have the money to test those kits. There is a massive backlog right now. Thousands of rape kits, evidence in countless cases, are sitting on ... Read More »

Senate panel loosens up bill prohibiting movers from holding possessions hostage

State lawmakers voted Monday to trim — but not eliminate — the right of moving companies to hold a homeowner’s goods hostage over a payment dispute. The legislation specifically empowers a police officer to direct the move to unload the goods. Without dissent the Senate Committee on Commerce and Public Safety voted to outlaw the sometimes-used practice of telling customers they ... Read More »

Arizona Committee Passes Bill to Prohibit Warrantless Stingray Spying


PHOENIX, Ariz. (March 16, 2017) – Yesterday, an Arizona House Committee unanimously passed a bill that would ban the use of “stingrays” to track the location of phones and sweep up electronic communications without a warrant in most situations. The proposed law would not only protect privacy in Arizona, but would also hinder one aspect of the federal surveillance state. Sen. ... Read More »

Arizona Senate defeats bill allowing guns in public buildings


For the second year in a row, a bill that would have allowed some guns into public buildings was defeated in the state Senate. On a bipartisan vote, the state Senate rejected Senate Bill 1243 on Tuesday. The bill sought to allow people who have a concealed-carry weapon permit to bring their guns into public buildings and events, even if those places ban firearms. There ... Read More »

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