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New Arizona Law Will Require Police Have A Warrant To Track A Cell Phone


Arizona is on the verge of its first-ever rules for tracking a cell phone. While tapping a phone to listen in requires a warrant, existing law is silent on the use of devices that can track its location.   A new law will require police have a warrant and meet specific requirements to use cell tracking equipment. Officers must also ... Read More »

Tucson police can now impound vehicles caught in street races


The city is giving police officers the authority to do much more than give drivers caught drag racing on Tucson streets a ticket. The police can now impound vehicles caught drag racing thanks to a vote Wednesday night by the Tucson City Council. The new ordinance goes into effect immediately. The Tucson Police Department asked for more power to address ... Read More »

Ducey Signs Legislation Protecting Off-Duty Police

law scale

Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation yesterday to increase the severity of the punishment for attacks on law enforcement officers that are motivated by hatred against law enforcement. The legislation, Senate Bill 1366, establishes malice against law enforcement as an aggravating factor when sentencing criminals who assault police officers. Heated debate arose from the Legislature over the law dubbed, the Blue ... Read More »

Forfeiture Rules Tightened in Arizona


PHOENIX (CN) – Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation Wednesday to limit the ability of police and prosecutors to seize property involved in criminal cases. House Bill 2477 restricts police and prosecutors from abusing the civil forfeiture process by requiring them to show “clear and convincing evidence” that certain property was linked to a crime before the seizure or forfeiture ... Read More »

Will Governor Ducey tighten rules for police to seize cash, property?


The Arizona Legislature has passed legislation that would make it tougher for prosecutors to seize cash and property from people suspected of a crime, leaving it up to Gov. Doug Ducey to decide whether or not to overhaul the state’s civil forfeiture laws. House Bill 2477 by Republican Rep. Eddie Farnsworth is meant to reform rules dictating when prosecutors can ... Read More »

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