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Prop 124 would change police, fire pensions


Along with education funding, Arizona voters will decide in the May 17 special election whether to change the state’s pension system for police officers and firefighters. Proposition 124 would change the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System by adding a new cost-of-living-adjustment formula for employees and retirees to reduce the system’s costs. The measure is part of a pension-reform package the ... Read More »

Arizona Supreme Court: Police Can’t Say DUI Tests Are Required

drinking and driving

The Arizona Supreme Court says police officers can’t flatly tell drunken-driving suspects that they’re required to submit to alcohol testing. The state high court’s ruling Tuesday says because suspects actually can refuse to submit to alcohol testing, it violates the suspects’ Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable warrantless searches to tell them they must consent. The ruling says officers should ask ... Read More »

Did SB 1070 reduce crime in Arizona?


Immigration activists argued passage of the bill would signal a return to the hard-line immigration approach of SB 1070, the controversial immigration law signed in 2010 by former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. SB 1070 requires law enforcement to determine the immigration status of someone arrested or detained if they have reasonable suspicion that they are in the country illegally. Its passage prompted protests ... Read More »

Legislative Update For The Week Of April 18th 2016

legislative update azcops

  AZCOPS Endorses Proposition 124   Dear AZCOPS Members, After a lengthy discussion at the April 23, 2016 AZCOPS board meeting, the AZCOPS board, along with the members present, voted unanimously to support Proposition 124. The endorsement was motivated by the potential of Proposition 124 failing and a far less agreeable solution replacing it.  While Proposition 124 is not a ... Read More »

Arizona House passes police and fire pension overhaul


PHOENIX (AP) – The Arizona House on Thursday passed a proposal overhauling the state’s badly underfunded public safety worker pension plan despite growing concerns from several Republicans that the changes didn’t do enough to fix the plan’s problems. Relatively minor changes made before the trio of 49-10 votes mean the package of three bills must return to the Senate for ... Read More »

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