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Ducey signs two gun bills, vetoes a third


Gov. Doug Ducey demonstrated his support for firearms protections by signing two pieces of legislation and vetoing a third further-reaching measure. One bill signed by Ducey safeguards the right to carry weapons on or near school grounds as long as it’s on a public street, sidewalk or alley maintained by a municipality.  Ducey also signed a proposal that adds penalties ... Read More »

Pension plan changes pass handily

Prop 124 slider image

PHOENIX — Voters on Tuesday agreed to amend the Arizona Constitution in a bid to cut future pension costs for government public safety employees. Proposition 124 is part of a series of changes adopted earlier this year by lawmakers to restore financial stability to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System. It provides pension benefits for police and firefighters. Many of ... Read More »

New law finally lets cops stop drivers for broken tail light

Broken Tail Light Image

Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation Tuesday that requires each and every tail and brake light on your vehicle to be working. One of them out? That’s enough probable cause for a cop to stop you, issue a ticket — and just check out in general what you’re doing. And if there’s any doubt that’s part of what’s behind the change ... Read More »

Arizona Legislature debates bills as it works to wrap up session


On the heels of a 16-hour marathon to pass a $9.6 billion state budget, Arizona lawmakers Wednesday started to plow through hundreds of bills with the aim of ending their session this week. Patience was wearing thin as controversial bills advanced in the House. Majority Leader Steve Montenegro, R-Litchfield Park, blamed Democratic lawmakers, saying they were taking too long with questions, ... Read More »

Arizona OKs new statewide rules on drones


PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed legislation creating a comprehensive state policy on drone use that includes a ban on cities and towns making their own rules regulating the small aircraft. Wednesday’s action comes after Republican Sen. John Kavanagh, cities and towns and other groups negotiated on Senate Bill 1449. Businesses that hope to use drones commercially were ... Read More »

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