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More Drone News: It’s Now Illegal To Intefer With Police Via Drone


It has also become a crime for a drone(s) to interfere with a police operation. Glendale Police Sergeant Scott Waite said it’s not about cramping anyone’s fun. It’s about officer safety – for example, if a SWAT team’s working a scene. “The last thing we want,” he said, “is somebody flying an unmanned aircraft above the area that we’re doing ... Read More »

Lawmakers want to set policy for police body cameras


PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK) – Lawmakers at the Arizona State Capitol plan to introduce legislation which would set statewide guidelines for police officer body cameras. Currently, the rules vary between law enforcement agencies. “Proactively, the state has to be a leader and set policies to give police departments direction,” Representative Reginald Bolding of Phoenix said. Most recently, questions linger about why a lieutenant ... Read More »

Ruling: Police questioning of man without Miranda was OK


PHOENIX – Non-threatening circumstances allowed a man’s incriminating statements to police to be used against him even though he wasn’t initially given a Miranda warning and wouldn’t have felt free to just walk away, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Friday. The appeal from a Yuma County case centered on whether a homeless man sitting outside a vacant building and later ... Read More »

State lawmakers to introduce legislation for drivers to follow who get pulled over by police


If you’re pulled over by police, should you turn off the engine in Arizona’s sweltering heat? Should you roll down all the windows to give officers a better view, or just the driver’s side? Should you have your license and registration out, or wait until the officer asks? An Arizona state lawmaker plans to introduce legislation next session to establish ... Read More »

Ruling: Arizona Police CAN Search Based on Pot Smell


The court rejected claims that a 2010 law legalizing the medical use of marijuana in the state means the smell test could no longer be used. The ruling came amid liberalizing attitudes toward marijuana among many in the country. Arizona is one of several states, including California and Nevada, where advocates are pushing ballot initiatives to legalize the drug for ... Read More »

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