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Arizona DPS data shows texting leads to tickets, but lawmaker wants state ban


When state Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, offered his latest bill this year attempting to ban texting while driving in Arizona, he faced strong opposition from Senate President Andy Biggs that helped derail the measure. Biggs, a Republican, assigned SB 1102 to a track requiring it to win approval from four committees to be considered by the full Senate. It made ... Read More »

Predictive crime program funds get veto from Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey


PHOENIX — Gov. Doug Ducey has vetoed a bill allotting more than $1 million to implement a pilot program to predict where and when crime will happen. The predictive policing software known as Predpol analyzes historical crime data. Several cities in Maricopa County already use similar crime analytics technology. Sen. Steve Smith’s bill allowed the pilot program to run in ... Read More »

Fast-paced finish to Legislature session


PHOENIX — The hours dragged on Thursday into the evening and then into the early morning Friday as lawmakers moved bill after bill to reach a historic — and chaotic — early finish to the legislative session. Sine die, Latin for “without day,” marks the end of the session for the Arizona Legislature, which is supposed to finish its work ... Read More »

60-day police secrecy bill axed


PHOENIX — Calling the measure unnecessary and possibly dangerous, Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed legislation Monday to require police departments to withhold for 60 days the names of officers involved in shootings. Sen. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa, argued the delay would provide time for police to determine the facts of the shooting. More important, Smith said, it would help protect the officer ... Read More »

Arizona bill limiting 911 system liability advances


An Arizona Senate committee moved a bill Thursday that would update state rules limiting liability for 911 systems should someone affected wish to sue for civil damages. CenturyLink lobbied for the change, which was introduced late in the session as a “strike everything” amendment to an unrelated bill. The committee moved the bill shortly before the deadline for it to ... Read More »

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