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Arizona bill would let drivers erase more speeding tickets


PHOENIX — A Senate panel voted to allow motorists could erase one traffic ticket a year by going to traffic school. Current law permits someone who is cited for speeding to attend the four-hour class, whether in person or online, instead of paying the fine. Completing the course not only means the ticket is dismissed but also precludes the citation ... Read More »

Arizona House Initially OKs Interstate Firearms Compact


The state House took steps Monday to create an interstate compact that would limit Arizona’s ability to regulate firearms transfers. Rep. Bob Thorpe, R-Flagstaff, said the proposed compact would prevent member states from creating firearms transfer laws that are more restrictive than federal law. House Bill 2431 also repeals any laws or regulations in conflict with the compact in member ... Read More »

Arizona House Approves Cheaper Speeding Tickets


The Arizona House of Representatives yesterday passed a proposal to significantly cut the price of some speeding tickets. On a 40-20 vote, the House voted to pass House Bill 2662, which would expand one of Arizona’s lesser known laws — a ban on the “waste of finite resources.” Currently, the law allows police to write up a ticket that costs ... Read More »

Bill would set cops’ ticket quota at zero

Rep. David Stevens, R-Sierra Vista

A bill advancing at the state Legislature would prohibit law enforcement agencies from establishing quotas for traffic citations or determining officers’ ranks or assignments based on the number of tickets issued. And that would be fine with Levi Bolton, executive director of the Arizona Police Association, an umbrella organization of groups representing law enforcement and correctional officers. He said one ... Read More »

Arizona Bill Would Require a Warrant for Police to Search Phone Safeguarded by Fingerprint


Arizona lawmakers may prevent police from forcing someone to unlock their phone with a fingerprint without a warrant.A recent court case in Virginia brought up the possibility that there are situations in which police could force someone to unlock their phone with a fingerprint, like with Apple’s TouchID, but would not be able to force someone to give up a ... Read More »

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