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2014 Election Results

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Thank you to everyone that exercised their right to vote.  To view all the results, please visit: Read More »

Public safety dominates Prop 487 debate

Hundreds of firefighters and police officers chant “No on 487!” outside an upscale Biltmore office tower, rallying against a ballot initiative they contend will gut their most critical benefits. The first responders demand that ­initiative supporters remove a TV ad saying Proposition 487 is good for police and firefighters. They say the measure is just the opposite, saying it would ... Read More »

Court voids Ariz. law denying bail to illegal immigrants

justice scales and Arizona flag

PHOENIX — Calling it a violation of constitutional rights, a federal appeals court on Wednesday voided a 2006 voter-approved measure which denied bail to those not in the country legally who were arrested for other crimes. Writing for the majority of the 11-member court, Judge Raymond Fisher said there is a presumptive right of those arrested to be released on ... Read More »

Arizona police to receive sex trafficking training

In the past several years, a growing number of Arizona police agencies have operated on an understanding that women and girls who are paid for sex are victims of sex trafficking rather than accomplices of the men who buy and sell them. This messaging will be soon be built into the curriculum of every new law-enforcement recruit in Arizona, according ... Read More »

Sheriff Arpaio opposes Phoenix pension-reform act

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, one of most visible Republican law-enforcement leaders in the country, has announced his opposition to a pension-reform ballot initiative in Phoenix. Read the full article here:   Read More »

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