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Lawmaker backs off move to weaken Arizona city gunfire law


PHOENIX — Opposition to a bill changing a landmark 2000 law that made random or celebratory gunfire a felony prompted its sponsor to pull the proposal from a House debate schedule Tuesday and promise to substantially weaken his proposal. Rep. Tony Rivero, R-Peoria, said he now plans to leave in place the current ban on shooting within 1 mile of ... Read More »

Proposed Bill Asks for Warranted Cell Phone Tracking


Arizona lawmakers are deciding whether or not to enact rules on when police can use technology to track cell-phones. The legislation, which would be the first of its kind in Arizona, would make it so state and local police are required to get a search warrant before using cell phone tracking devices. For years the American Civil Liberties Union fought ... Read More »

Vote OKs ban on license plate covers

license plate cover

After seven years of trying, a Democratic lawmaker has scored an initial success in getting Arizona to ban license plate covers typically used to prevent photo enforcement cameras from capturing an image of the plate. Senate Bill 1073 by Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, was approved by the Senate on a 20-10 vote Thursday and now heads to the House. Farley ... Read More »

Tax hike issue going to Prescott voters


PRESCOTT – The details are still to come, but a tax-related ballot measure definitely will be going to Prescott voters in the city’s August election. In a unanimous vote Tuesday, Jan. 31, the Prescott City Council called a special election for Aug. 29 – the same date as the regular City Council primary. While a majority of council members were ... Read More »

Arizona bill would allow for longer sentences for criminal immigrants


PHOENIX — Saying the state can’t legally deport criminal immigrants, a Senate panel on Monday took what one lawmaker said is the next best step: Ensure they serve more time in Arizona prisons for the crimes they commit here. SB 1279 says judges sentencing someone convicted of a felony must impose at least the “presumptive sentence” required by law if ... Read More »

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