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Arizona House committee approves proposal diluting Shannon’s Law

Concealed Carry

PHOENIX — A proposal that would make it harder to prosecute people under a landmark 2000 law that made random or celebratory gunfire a felony was approved by an Arizona House committee on Wednesday. The House Judiciary Committee approved the changes on a 5-4 vote despite opposition from associations representing cities, prosecutors and chiefs of police. One Republican, Rep. Maria Syms ... Read More »

Arizona Senate panel wants US flag thieves to serve more jail time

american flag

A Senate panel agreed Thursday to make it so you’ll spend more time behind bars for stealing the Stars and Stripes.  On a 4-3 margin the Judiciary Committee voted to make it a Class 6 felony to steal an American flag that is on display by a resident or business. That translates to a year in state prison and a ... Read More »

Arizona lawmaker introduces proposal to ban texting while driving


PHOENIX — A new proposal that would ban texting while driving has emerged in the Arizona Senate, and this time the yearly effort may have a chance with the departure of former Senate President Andy Biggs and a new Republican champion. For years, Biggs wielded his power as president to block texting bans and proposals to require the use of hands-free ... Read More »

Proposed state bill: Passersby could break into hot cars to save kids, pets


PHOENIX — Saying good Samaritans deserve legal protection, a veteran state lawmaker wants to provide immunity from lawsuits for people who break into hot vehicles to rescue a trapped animal. And kids, too. Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, said he was approached by the founder of Don’t Leave Me, an organization that tries to protect pets whose owners have left ... Read More »

Arizona high court to rule on frisking detainee’s associates


PHOENIX — The Arizona Supreme Court said it will review whether police should be allowed to frisk associates of someone taken into custody. The justices agreed Tuesday to review a Court of Appeals decision that police can’t routinely frisk a lawfully detained person’s companions. But the appeals court’s decision also said police who could be in danger can conclude that ... Read More »

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