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Arizona GOP lawmaker pushing changes to how initiatives make ballot

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A Republican lawmaker is proposing yet another change to how citizens can enact laws in Arizona on top of others already working their way through the Legislature. Rep. Don Shooter, R-Yuma, wants to require backers to gather signatures from 10 percent of voters in each of the state’s 30 legislative districts before an initiative makes the ballot and 15 percent ... Read More »

Phoenix faces Arizona law that bars sanctuary-city status


As some cities reaffirm support for sanctuary policies that protect immigrants, Phoenix finds itself in an unusual position to push back against any immigration actions by the new White House. The Phoenix City Council on Wednesday will discuss a petition to adopt the sanctuary label, following the lead of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and others in a city with ... Read More »

Arizona high court sets standard for on use of blood samples in DUI cases


PHOENIX — The Arizona Supreme Court said police can’t use a DUI suspect’s blood sample taken for medical reasons unless they have a warrant or the suspect either consented to treatment or was incapable of providing consent. The court set that standard Wednesday while ruling on an appeal involving a man who thrashed and yelled at paramedics after being injured ... Read More »

State Representative Wants To Raise Arizona’s Gas Tax


The new head of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure wants a dime a gallon increase in Arizona’s gasoline tax. Rep. Noel Campbell, a Republican from Prescott, said the last time Arizona hiked its gas tax was in 1991. Since then it has remained at 18 cents a gallon. But he’s not sure voters are willing to go along. ... Read More »

Arizona Bill Would Set the Stage to Reject Federal Acts


PHOENIX, Ariz. (Jan. 18, 2017) – A bill introduced in the Arizona House would set the stage for the state to refuse cooperation with federal acts. Introduced by Rep. Bob Thorpe, House Bill 2097 (HB2097) would prohibit state participation or cooperation with any “action” of the United States government that constitutes “commandeering.” The bill defines “action” as “an executive order issued by the ... Read More »

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