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Bill to narrow scope of Shannon’s Law moves forward


More than 17 years after the death of 14-year-old Shannon Smith from a stray bullet that fell from the sky, a proposed amendment lessening the spread of Shannon’s Law is moving through the Arizona Legislature. House Bill 2287, spearheaded by Rep. Tony Rivero, R-Peoria, would bar prosecutors from pursuing Class 6 felony charges against people charged with the unlawful firing of a gun ... Read More »

4 7 5 Gov. Doug Ducey asks President Donald Trump for $600M for sewer, road, water projects


A Nogales, Ariz., pipeline is so decrepit that untreated waste could leak sewage during heavy rains. At least 2,000 wells in the state are open and should be covered or shut down because they pose a hazard to the public. And roadways that carry millions of people should be widened to boost international business and lessen the likelihood of traffic accidents. Those infrastructure projects ... Read More »

Police chief joins others in raising concerns about federal immigration laws


Tucson’s chief of police joined more than 60 other law enforcement officials from around the country to raise concerns about being mandated to enforce federal immigration laws. In a letter to Congress, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus joined 62 police chiefs, county sheriffs and others to ask for a “constructive immigration enforcement approach that prioritizes criminals and not peaceful residents,” ... Read More »

Fear that it erodes rights kills Arizona rioting bill


PHOENIX — A state bill that would have allowed protesters to be arrested over the potential to riot is dead — at least for this year. House Speaker J.D. Mesnard said Monday he does not know whether legislation to expand Arizona’s racketeering and conspiracy statutes to include rioting are needed to go after those who organize violent demonstrations. “I haven’t ... Read More »

Tucson to argue gun destruction lawsuit before AZ Supreme Court


PHOENIX — Attorneys for Tucson go before the Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday, Feb. 28, in a bid to void a state law that seeks to punish the city for its gun-destruction policy. The lawyers contend the Legislature has no right to tell any city that it has to sell guns that are seized or surrendered instead of destroying them. ... Read More »

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