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Pima Juvenile Corrections Association


Joe Glen

Phone: (520) 531-1782 after 1800 please

Vice President:

Rita Jabczenski




Pet Howell

Did You Know?

I am a good employee and my supervisor likes me. I’ll be ok, right ?

WRONG. Over the course of a twenty - twenty-five year career, you could experience possibly four - five changes in leadership, one - two reductions in force (RIF), multiple serious incidents including inmate deaths, staff assaults, parolee shootings. You may  be subjected to internal affairs investigations, letters of concern, letters of reprimand, time off without pay, demotions. You may engage in

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I used to be a member for many years, will you still help me ?

A member has to be currently paying dues to AZCOPS in order to benefit from the protection AZCOPS offers. It would be unfair to currently paying members to provide costly attorney coverage to anyone who isn't paying dues. Join AZCOPS today so that you have the piece of mind you deserve.
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I am an uncovered employee, why should I join ?

Another part of the AZCOPS legal coverage is for criminal defense. Don't think you will ever be charged with an on the job criminal allegation and require an attorney ? Think again. You could be doing your job, (as you were trained),  following policy, and still be subjected to a criminal charge: You are on shift and a

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Pima Juvenile Corrections Association

Pima Juvenile Corrections Association is made up of dedicated juvenile corrections professionals who are interested in protecting their jobs, their pensions, and their reputation ! Founded in 1997 by Parole Officer Don Carr, PJCA quickly grew because of Don's firm and unwavering support of members facing unfair disciplinary and  personnel actions.  Don set the example for member

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